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Cooking More Can Change Your Health

100 years ago only about 2% of our meals were eaten outside of the home. Now over 50% of meals are eaten outside of the home! Fast food, frozen microwaved food and frankenfood is eaten because it is fast and easy. We eat in front of the T.V. and in the car while on the move.

A lot of research has been done showing that kids that eat meals with the family at the dinner table get into less trouble than kids that don’t. We complain about not having enough time to cook but we watch the cooking channel and watch T.V. Cooking isn’t a priority a lot of times and other things get in the way. On top of it all, our foods have changed and what used to be simple and plain is full of chemicals, pesticides and words we can’t pronounce. The importance of what we put on our fork is more important now than it ever was. It is the most powerful tool you can use. Our grandparents and great grandparents ate fresh food that was real and didn’t have as many health issues as we are having now. Our children and grand children have more allergies to foods now too because of eating this way.

What to do?
Get rid of foods with high fructose corn syrup, trans fat, and chemicals. Take time to carefully read the ingredients on the back of the label. If you can’t pronounce it, then it may be best to find another alternative.

Here are 5 Things To Do That Can Change Your Health

1. Replace with fresh organic fruits and vegetables.
2. Eat meat that doesn’t contain all the antibiotics & hormones.
3. Shop at farmers markets and support the local farmers.
4. Have family dinners and cook more.
5. Learn to shop smart.

Bottom Line: Our food is the most important thing we purchase so it’s an important part of our lives. Make it a priority! One thing I help my clients learn is how to shop healthy and cook simple, nutritious and delicious meals, desserts and snacks. Taking the time to plan your meals ahead of time really is the best way to start a healthy lifestyle change. Taking one step at a time will eventually lead you to your ultimate goal. This is the ideal time to have a healthy goals buddy so you have someone to talk with and keep you on track during those difficult times.