Your Baby’s Arrival

If you think that time for arrival of your baby is the day or perhaps a week before he/she is born then let me tell you that you would be already a bit too late and while trying to speed up the preparations you will end up messing up the whole process itself. The actual preparations must start even before you conceive. Giving birth to a baby can be a daunting task as you need to be mentally prepared for it. When you first hear the news of pregnancy, it must not come as a surprise; it must be a pleasant fulfillment of the expected event. I say this because a lot of doctors stand by the fact that the mental well being of a mother is very crucial to the health of the baby, hence in all regards you must be ready to accept the pregnancy.

The second important thing to do is to find a pediatrician. Now some people might argue and say that it can be done after the child has taken birth. But in my experience it’s better to stay on the safer side and find a doctor while you still have the time to do so. Pregnancies can take unexpected turns so it’s in your best interest to stay as prepared as you can in order to avoid any hassles later on.

It’s also a very good idea to talk to your kids about this. Even though in most of the cases kids welcome the baby with all their heart and enjoy the experience of having a new born in the family, still it has been noticed that some kids have difficulties adjusting to the changing situations. It is only natural that after the baby’s birth most of your attention will go to the newborn, in such circumstances siblings can feel being left out of the picture. Kids are not adults and we cannot expect them to openly converse about what they are feeling so it’s better if you prepare them well in advance and encourage them to take active participation in taking care of the baby.

While you are pregnant you must plan for the postpartum period. It is obvious that after going through a labor you will need some time to recover to your true strength. In some cases husbands stay at home and help out with the household related stuff but it’s not always possible. Keeping this in mind you must plan in advance considering who will help you after your baby’s birth? You can start off by talking to your relatives, friends and even neighbors.

While in the final month of pregnancy, make a chart of all the vaccines that your baby will need. Even though your doctor will take care of all this but it’s better to keep yourself educated in all matters related to your baby’s health.

And the final plan for the day when your first contractions hit must be well mapped out as being unprepared for this day will only invite further complications in an already complicated scenario. You must talk to your partner and discuss what to do on this day. If your husband’s work requires him to go out of the town frequently then you must talk to your friends, neighbors and relatives so that they can be ready to act on a moment’s notice. I would advise you to even plan the route that you would be taking to the hospital. I know that his might be coming out as a bit silly to some readers but hey its one lesser thing to think about. Keep your doctor’s number on emergency dialing and inform him/her as soon as the labor pain kicks in. You must also decide who will attend the birth and who will stay behind to prepare the home for baby’s arrival. It is possible that it might take a couple of days to get back to home from the hospital, during this time your home must be properly cleaned and anything that can pose a health risk for the baby must be removed. And now one final piece of advice, keep your bag pack ready as it will not help to start looking for the tooth brush when your labor pain starts. Be prepared, stay safe and enjoy the experience of being a mother as there is no other feeling that can come even remotely close to it.